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This is a normal high school sucks paper and if you don't want to read that I would put this down now. If not I will tell you the life I remember form the 4 years that changes who you think you are.  When they say that high school is a blur they don't mean that it moves so fast that you stop remembering it is more of that the days are so like the day you just had that they stop seeming as important as they are supposed to. High school is that in a nutshell. Every Corse is structured like the last and they just blur together into one blob of homework and endless drowning of the teachers. That is not to say that there are not days that stand out or classes for that matter. That one class is what gets you through those 4 years of torcher. And I hate to be a cliché but there are clicks in high school and until you find your place you will not be able to cope with the changes that are happening to you and your understanding for the world.  But I will let you in on a secret no person in high school feels like they are being seen for what they truly are, and that is what makes high school so bad. No one knows how to cope with that. Then you have the teachers and parents telling you that you better do better and you have to deal with the stress that your friends push on you or the sibling rivalry for your mom's attention. Pain is a symbol for the years at high school and if you can survive the wounds you get the scars will make you stronger. There are things you can do to get through it my list of helpful hints. Take them to heart and you might get to see the new body you get at the end of your torcher.

One- except the fact that some people will just not like you. That might be your teacher or a fellow student, or even a friend that you had in middle school. Just like how you are suffering in high school so are they (even the teachers) that just might be there way of dealing don't hate them for it.

Two find one person that you are not afraid to show your hole self to. Again this can be a teacher or student, even a family member ( though I would not suggest your parents – too awkward ) you will need to discharge some times and you need some one that is willing to take some of the pain off your solders. Find them and don't let go. If you chose right they can be there for you for the rest of your life

Three – life sucks. Sorry but it is true. No matter how you role it life is full of the bad shit that tests the will power of us and no matter how hard the one problem seams there are always one more that is twice the pain. If you can except this and not let it get you into some kind of depression where you take out your pain on yourself or others you will be able to live life the way it was supposed to. With your eyes on the little silver lining you can blur the gray shit before it. It is hard and you will not be able to do it for a time but sick with it eventually you will be able to only look and remember the things you want.

Four and most important find a outlet that you get to do for yourself. It dose not have to be a solo thing but it needs to be something you found for yourself.  And I mean that don't chose something that did not speak to you for this it will not be the outlet you need if you do. This has to be the sanctuary where you can get away form the crap that is life.  Now it can be a place as well where you get to be something you don't in your day-to-day life. This event or place is where you get to peal off all the outer layers and finally be yourself, your full self. not the masked fake that gets you through the crap. The little self that never gets to see the light of day let them out or they will grow weary and leave you, making you a shell. That can not last long, so let go some times

I know that this sounds like a typical crying rant of a high schooller but I need you to take this seriously or part of you will be lost in the test of high school. And hate to break it to you but life is just like high school. It dose not get better you just get better at dealing.


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i am a up and coming writer and i hope you use this to get some of my work out there.

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